We encourage creativity and love local business.  

    Artred Couture was founded in 2002 through my desire to help encourage

a loving creative community.

I was  a stay at home mom at the time and all I had was my creative passion and the desire to help our schools

raise funds for charity. Things like classrooms, playgrounds, and all other necessities children needed to help build a brighter future.

All of this was made possible through the help of the wonderful parents and volunteers

giving their time and donations to help raise funds.

My specialty was jewelry, I have a strong background in Fine Arts which allowed me the freedom I needed to express myself.  

I learned through this world of creativity and meeting many artisans that nothing beats handmade pieces made with quality.

It's like freshly baked pie that grandmother made with love.

No factory can reproduce something that special because people matter. 

Through many years of traveling I discovered how important it is to recognize the hard work that people put into everything they make. 

While searching for materials and the need to feed my desire to get quality products, I fell in-love with a local mom & pop shop.

This quaint almost invisible little shop was  30 years old.

Inside this lovely little treasure where heart warming grandmothers and a delightful bundle of female staff. In 2010 I decided to join that team

in my efforts to help save the business and teach The fine Art of making Jewelry. I began branching out into my Fine Arts & design background.

Sadly, that adorable little shop was closed down due to loss of lease like many others.

It's no secret how many local business we are losing at an alarming rate. 

The property was lost and that little shop that did great things could not keep it's place.  

The entire town was changing and children where losing their outlet and that wonderful environment where families communicated and shared

creativity with the likes of experienced artisans and locals who had a great sense of community was lost. 

The mission of Artred is to encourage people of all ages to unleash their childlike creativity to the outside world without fear of failure

or lack of perfectionism. Let's  resurrect that beautiful workshop and breath life into this fast changing world.

It's time to reach out to the world and invite them to share their passion and their ability to be innovative.  It's time to empower nations to dream.

I invite all artisans, entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, speakers, families and lovers of finely crafted products to support artisan made products and participate in my workshop.

I want you to meet vendors, educators, photographers and people in the tech & fashion industry.

A healthy gathering to learn as much from each other is what my events are all about. I want an open environment for people to connect and build a brighter future.